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molests goats for comedy
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Jul 29, 2005
Washington, DC
I realize the site has evolved from "all things Red Sox" to "all things Boston sports" to a more nebulous message board, but assuming this is still primarily a Boston sports board, is there a reason we allow open cheering for opponents of Boston teams in the game threads? They wouldn't do this of course, but I have to believe if the site's NYY fans were to start turning Red Sox game threads into a modern-day version of the 1918 chant that it'd get shut down quickly. Why isn't it the same for Bruins/Celtics/Patriots game threads?
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Certain Class of Poster
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Nov 28, 2005
There are certain classes of posters that seem to get special treatment still on SoSH unfortunately.

Morgan's Magic Snowplow

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Jul 2, 2006
As long as they're not trolling or starting fights I have no problem with it.

We're a community that goes beyond sports and I'd like to think that we have the maturity to discuss a game in the same virtual space as people in that community rooting for the other team. If the Patriots end up playing the Raiders in the playoffs (won't happen for a variety of reasons, but hypothetically), I see no reason not to have Evil Empire, Gunfighter, and others in the game thread. Of course, they might want no part of being there but that's another matter.