Following Former Red Sox: 2014


bubble burster
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Oct 19, 2008
That's interesting. I didn't remember him at all. Another former Sox property getting a moment in the middle relief spotlight. Off to Yankee forrum.

norm from cheers

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Dec 25, 2003
Peace Dale, RI
I am not a Cafardo fan but do follow him on twitter.  Today he posted an article about Dan Bard's road back to the MLB after having thoracic outlet syndrome surgery a year ago.  He claims to feel like he did pre 2012 and expects to sign a MiLB contract this week.. I wonder if the Red Sox would take a flyer or has that ship sailed.
Edit.. I am an idiot and put the ex catcher Josh instead of Dan.  Still hungover from last nights celebration of the Patriots pulling it off.  Thanks Lose, for easy on me :)