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Sep 7, 2013
He's no longer a Red Sox, but he's still my favorite player in baseball. Different board, same purpose - let's talk about how great Mookie is (for as long as he continues to be great, and then even when he's not).

Mookie's current 2020 stats:
  • fWAR: 1.8 (3rd in MLB, 10.4 per 150 game pace)
  • bWAR: 2.0 (1st in MLB, 13.0 per 150 game pace)
  • wRC+: 182
  • BB %: 7.1% (way below the 13% rate of his last two years)
  • K%: 14.1%
  • ISO: .363 (his career-high is .294 in 2018)
  • EV: 90.2 (below the 91.0 last year and 92.3 the year before)
  • Barrel %: 11.7% (better than the 10.3% last year but below the 14.1% in 2018)
  • dWAR: 2.2 (12th in MLB)
I mean, what a start for the Dodgers. Because of this screwball season, it's hard to compare what he's done over the first month of the season to his previous best monthly splits, but here are his previous top-5 months ever by wRC+:
  • May 2018 - 214 wRC+
  • Mar/Apr 2018 - 207 wRC+
  • Sept/Oct 2018 - 200 wRC+
  • Aug 2018 - 185 wRC+
  • Jul 2019 - 174 wRC+
  • Sept/Oct 2015 - 172 wRC+
Despite the torrid start, his EV is below his historical highs and he's once again underperforming against lefties (SSS and all that, but his EV and hard-hit % against lefties are both down). Though the sample is small, Mookie seems to get good grades on defense (measured by dWAR, OAA, etc) and his sprint speed is still close to his historical average (27.7 ft/s versus 27.9, 27.9, 28.1, 27.9 in previous seasons, 77.5% rank in the league).

Who knows how he'll play in 5-6 years, let's alone 11-12, but he's still a delight to watch play the game.

Pitt the Elder

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Sep 7, 2013
Mookie went 3/5 today with 2HR 3RBI 2SB. He has 11 hr on the season now, and is likely top 3 in fWAR. He's having as good of a season as anyone not named Tatis.
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Jul 15, 2005
This weekend my 10 year old daughter said I can’t believe the Red Sox traded Mookie Betts! Why did they do that? I had a hard time explaining it. Man I miss seeing him in a Boston uniform.


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Apr 22, 2016
New York City

Ferm Sheller

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Mar 5, 2007
Ninth-inning, game-tying home run, and his teammates reacted as if it was spring training.


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Jan 23, 2009
Are the Dodgers in "fuck it" mode at this point and just having fun? Or looking to get everyone some time at every possible position in preparation for the post-season?

It's not like they don't have two other guys who play 2B in the lineup (Hernandez 26 games this year, Muncy 11 games this year), so it's not like they have no other choice but to put Betts there. Maybe one more reason he didn't want to stay with the Sox...they didn't let him play 2B.

Philip Jeff Frye

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Oct 23, 2001
Sorry, but that sounds like a great way to get your multi-hundred million dollar investment hurt. All he needs is one Machado incident...


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Apr 5, 2009
Starting him at 2b to get Kiké in RF? The same Kiké that plays all over including 2b. Or Taylor who plays all over (CF tonight)?