Drafting High School Pitchers Is a Major Problem for MLB, Health of Young Prospects


Sep 28, 2014
That's the title of an article from Sports Illustrated a couple of days ago in which Tom Verducci chronicles the drafting and very high rate of failure with teen-aged pitchers who were drafted very high. For example, from 2011-14, of the 47 pitchers drafted in the first round:

• 51% never reached the big leagues (24).

• 40% had elbow or shoulder surgery (19).

• 17% are pitching in the majors with their original team (8).

• 13% are no longer pitching in affiliated baseball (6).

Worth a glance:


Jun 17, 2018
As compared to what though? That chart is meaningless unless you have something to compare it too. What do the numbers of college pitchers drafted high look like? Thats the number to look at. If the numbers for college are close , the same, or even higher, what does all this mean? Not a damn thing.

Not directed at you Charlie. I know you are just the messenger.