David Andrews Out with Blood Clots in Lungs

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Apr 20, 2003
Obviously this is the sidest of issues, but...Is 9 million dollars really not enough to retire on?
Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Let’s assume he lost half to taxes. Let’s assume he didn’t intend to stop playing instantly and spent a lot of it on assets that don’t appreciate (ie- not on houses but cars, vacations, gifts for people etc) leaving him with 3mm and a steep mortgage.

Would you retire at age 26 (he turned 27 a month ago) with 3mm in the bank when you’re used to spending a few hundred thousand a year? Sure maybe he can get used to spending far less on his life, but 3mm isn’t that much money when you should live for another 60+ years. You want kids? Two of them will knock off $500k of that in their life. Let’s say he puts it in bonds - he’ll earn 60,000 a year in interest. His mortgage could easily eclipse that itself. Not sustainable, he’ll easily outspend that and need to pull from savings instead of building on that nest egg. Which means he’ll need to find another job. Of course his whole life is football sooooo...


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Aug 4, 2005
Wholly apart from his degree in Agribusiness from the University of Georgia, his uncle is Dan Reeves. Between his obsession with football, how it makes sense to him, his leadership — uber captain — and his connections, I think things are going to break well for David Andrews. The only thing is to get well.