Countdown to the 2019 M.L.B. trade deadline.


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Jul 15, 2005
And can you imagine if they can tweak Greinke and make him a little better too like they did with Cole and Verlander? <shudder>
We're giving the Astros too much credit. If they could turn every picher into an ace, they wouldn't need to keep adding big pieces every deadline. They are human too.

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Nov 8, 2002
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This sets up an incredibly interesting ALCS. One team (Astors) with a theoretically un(s)toppable staff of starters and a decent bullpen versus another team (Yankees) with an incredible bullpen and a "decent" collection of starters (not really). Two opposing philosophies.

Yankees: "I can win it in the later innings if our guys can keep it close through the first 4"
Astors: "I can deal with the later innings when my guys get me to the fifth (or more) with a lead, even against your offense."

Bring it on.

(What kind of sucks is that the Red Sox 2019 rotation on paper: Sale, Price, Porcello, Rodriguez - going in, was a model similar to the what the Astros have ended up with - on the field.)