Cord Already Cut - Which/How Many Streaming Subs Do You Have and Why?


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Jul 6, 2006
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What if those folks don’t want the pirates or the diamondbacks or the tigers, but just want the Red Sox, there should be product for them.
The Red Sox don’t own the right to show live video their games outside their own territory. No team does. That all got tossed into the shared revenue bucket years ago along with the money from selling merchandise with the team logo on it.

And the entity that does own that right doesn’t want to split out “just the Red Sox” and “just NYY” and “just the Cubs” because they know they’d make less money selling those packages than they do selling the “All You Can Eat” buffet they have now.


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Jul 16, 2005
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LOL why so I can crash the server with the streaming services that I have to watch just one or two shows?

I basically have every single one, and they all suck. I have Peacock now, which is basically my Office streaming device. I have Apple, which is my Ted Lasso streaming Device. I have Disney which is my Mandalorian streaming device. I have Netflix which is my Community and Arrested Development streaming device. If I had to keep just one it would be Netflix, because they made Queens Gambit, bought Cobra Kai, American Vandal and Ozark.
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Jul 12, 2008
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I keep a spreadsheet of my subscriptions, which is a sure sign that I have too many.

1. HBO Max: I subscribe for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. I'm on a six-month promo price. I wouldn't keep subscribing based on the current catalog, but there are two things in the pipeline that I'm really looking forward to: Curb Season 11 and The Many Saints of Newark. I might, conceivably, go see Newark in the theatre but if Curb is also out in September then I might just hang on to HBO.
2. Amazon Prime. I'll cancel this. The shipping benefits are pretty useless to me in a rural area. There is no Whole Foods nearby. I'm not a fan of The Boys.
3. Disney+: I said this in another thread, but I'm on the three-year promo price. That expires this year. I enjoyed The Mandalorian and WandaVision, but I haven't felt compelled to re-watch either of them. I liked the chance to catch up on some Pixar that I missed (Wall-E and The Incredibles), but I don't have kids so I'm not really the target market here. I feel like I got my money's worth for Hamilton alone, though. If LMM ever does a standalone release I'll buy it and cancel D+. If Hamilton isn't standalone, I may continue to subscribe just to watch it.
4. Hulu. Their $1/mo for a year deal around Black Friday is the best deal in streaming. I'll renew this for as long as I can.
5. AppleTV+. Free because I bought an iPhone, but so far this has been the easiest for me to justify full price. Ted Lasso and Mythic Quest are great shows. I enjoyed Palmer. I haven't started For All Mankind or The Morning Show yet, but I'm looking forward to them.

6. PlayStation+: At about ~$28/year, it's worth it for the game discounts.

7. Washington Post digital access at $29/year. I was a regular reader when I lived in DC. Their national coverage is good. I got sick of hitting the paywall.
8. Wall St. Journal for $4/mo (digital access + Saturday delivery). This is the first year I've been a regular reader of WSJ, and I really like it. I can't afford the regular subscription price, though, so I know I've got a phone call with retention in my future.
9. The Athletic: I'm on the $12/year deal, which is a steal. The sports coverage here is excellent.

I'm on a six month trial of Apple News+, but I'm not digging the experience so far. It doesn't seem to sync between my iPhone and iPad. I think I'd rather just pay the publishers directly. I'm also considering a subscription to The Atlantic, but I'm not a subscriber yet.

Tech Services
10. 1Password: If you're not using a password manager, you really should be. 1Password is my favorite. I happily pay $36/year for this. The peace of mind alone is worth it, but I didn't anticipate how much I'd love the cognitive relief of not having to remember multiple passwords, and how much time I'd save with their easy log in.
11. Backblaze: Backup of my primary personal machine.
12. iCloud Storage: I was a longtime Dropbox customer, but I've migrated to iCloud.

13. I'll subscribe to Fubo, YouTubeTV or another service that gives me easy access to Pats games once the season starts.


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May 30, 2005
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What if those folks don’t want the pirates or the diamondbacks or the tigers, but just want the Red Sox, there should be product for them.
Economics of the game should have changed once regular YouTube and Roku and 4G came out

sorry for derailing
I’ll bow out
I use MLB.TV, free from T-Mobile. I watch all or part of almost every Red Sox game and I live in Florida. I have AT&T TV for the Florida Fox regional sports networks to able to watch the games when the Red Sox are playing at Tampa or Miami. Theoretically, I could watch 162 plus all playoffs. The only place I know of where you can't use MLB.TV for the Red Sox is New England where presumably you can get your hands on NESN one way or another. Depending on the teams who claim the MSA where you live and some markets such as many in North Carolina, have so many teams claiming the MSA you're blacked out of a lot games. It's really the only negative with MLB.TV. There is almost always a workaround though and you can always tune the radio audio if all else fails. No blackouts for the WEEI broadcast.


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May 30, 2005
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It’s not like they are liberal in their use of funds

but ok,I’m willing to go $5.25 (honestly, I’m willing to go $10.50 if they made it easy)
Perhaps selling NESN to Red Sox and bruins fans in California or Florida or wherever, can make up for that lack of leverage.
Back in the Direct TV days, I used to subscribe to the sports network package and MLB package. NESN was included in the sports network package. Bruins were blacked out but because I had the MLB package, I could watch the NESN Red Sox pre-game stuff and stay on the channel for the game. This was especially handy for things like world series parades and ring ceremonies. I don't know if you can still do it or not. MLB.TV does not have this pre-game feature, one of its few flaws.


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May 30, 2005
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So after reading all of your responses I changed several packages today.

I had until today:

Sling Blue with Sports Package: $45/month (this was primarily for Discovery, Mrs. LT loves the crab show, and MLB Network, maybe NHL network once in a while)

Hulu + commercial free with the Disney+/ESPN+ and Showtime and Starz discounted at $38/month. (Disney+ for Star Wars related mostly but a few good things otherwise, particularly the Right Stuff material - series and original movie - which I enjoyed. I have watched a few ESPN+ live sports but not much. Mrs LT loves Outlander so the Starz. Showtime was mainly for Shameless but it's over - and poorly ended I might add.)

AT&T TV MAX $101/month with tax (includes HBO Max and Cinemax for a year and I may or may not continue it. I think it goes to +$12.99 or $20.99 for both which may not be worth it. Free is good though. They do not have MLB network which I do not understand really)

Netflix 4k $19/month (Why have HD when you have a 4k TV? - Some really good stuff on here - hadn't been a subscriber for years until my sister recommended it for the Chess series which was very, very good.)

Amazon Prime which I watch quite a bit and I don't even want to look at my purchasing history for the past 12 months. If 50% is applied to the video, it's still only $5/month.

I have an OTA antenna, get all network TV and then some (60+ channels but a lot of religion and Spanish) and use the Tablo DVR - lifetime sub - which I recommend. I add commercial skip on Tablo for $20/year. Well worth it. I record multiple shows and honestly, about 80% of TV watching is off of the Tablo DVR. Commercial skip is great for Jeopardy especially and Mrs LT still likes American Idol which is virtually intolerable without commercial skip.

MLB.TV free from T-Mobile. I do not get Netflix free because I have a highly discounted T-Mobile package, so I am told.

I don't know if they count in this discussion but we have Sirius in two cars. Mine is currently free for 90 days (new car) but I think it's about $20/month when it's billing for both.

I also have Amazon Music Unlimited HD at $14/month. I really like high definition music playback and the selection is endless. I wish I used it more.

So streaming TV itself used to total - allowing $5/month for Prime - $208 per month plus $6 for Xfinity 250 MB which I need for work regardless.

Today I made changes:

Dropped Sling entirely. Discovery+ commercial free added for the crab show ($7/month). Net savings $38/month. Lots of other networks on there too.

Let Showtime and Starz go. Wasn't watching them once Outlander and Shameless ended. Saved $15/month. Will grab Starz again when Outlander restarts.

So I'm down to $155 not counting the Tablo commercial skip.

I feel a little better.

Thanks all.


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Jul 15, 2005
I currently have the following:

Hulu No-Ad (shared with 2 other people) $4/month
YTTV (shared with 2 other people) $22/month
MLB.TV ($4/year Slickdeals T-mobile deal)

In addition to Amazon Prime

HBO Max ($10/year) from someone on Reddit. After using it for four months, I realized that it's a stolen account. That is, this guy sells various accounts using stolen passwords. After 4 months, it stopped working so I contacted the seller and he gives me another account/password. That's when the light dawned in my head. So I stopped using it and no longer have HBO. People need to make sure their passwords are unique for each site and check the login activity.

Did have Netflix but it's currently on paused while I catch up on shows on Hulu/Amazon.


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Jul 15, 2005
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Bumping this thread to say that I think Netflix is going to be my first and most unexpected casualty. Consistently struggling to find quality content and the netflix original content has not been good enough to keep it. Especially their movies.

Disney is quickly becoming the leader of our household with HBO Max right behind it.