Commentator critiques


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I feel like there ought to be a catch-all thread for thoughts about sports commentators, both for play-by-play and analysis - calls we like, calls we don't like, who is good, who is bad, how the new guys are doing (e.g., this year's new MNF crew on ESPN), and so on. Out of professional courtesy, I shall try to remain more positive than negative, but all thoughts are gratefully received.

I'll start with a bit of a general lament: I feel as though the move of David Feherty from CBS to NBC has made the general state of golf broadcasting in America worse on both networks. Feherty had such a good rapport with McCord and the rest of the CBS crew, but I'm not sure he has that yet with NBC - for whom broadcasts used to revolve around Johnny Miller, for better and worse. And CBS, while not quite a train wreck, has certainly suffered from Feherty's absence. (And also suffers from far too much announcer rotation during the season, with Nantz and Faldo and McCord missing from too many events, either individually or collectively.) I view good golf commentary as comfort food, allowing me to settle down and watch a tournament knowing what I'm going to get to listen to regardless of how the event itself evolves, but the ingredients are getting messed with now and the special sauce is different, and I'm not enjoying it as much as I used to.