Chris Borland retires over concussion concerns


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May 21, 2004
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GeorgeCostanza said:
Stole this from the Jets thread

I feel filthy following this league too. Is it going to change your behavior? I'm almost there myself.
I haven't watched a single game in two years now, don't miss it a bit (and have way more time to spend with my family on Sundays in the Fall, which is a plus)....
The on (and off) field violence just got to be too much for me to overcome the "entertainment value" of watching guys damage their brains.


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8slim said:
I think it's very safe to assume that the NFL will be America's most popular league, and football it's most popular sport to follow, for at least another couple decades, if not far longer. It's popularity would have to fall demonstrably to even get near #2. I do think at some point the league will need to think hard about instituting weight limits to reduce the velocity of hits.
I think NFL Football is on the same track as boxing circa 1975-1979. Seemingly unstoppable in it's popularity, but actually beginning its decline. It's a whole [url="]constellation of factors.[/url]


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Apr 16, 2006
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The fact that ESPN's "jacked up" segment existed not that many years ago and yet is almost inconceivable now shows how fast things change.

I'm not predicting the imminent demise of the NFL, but over a short timeframe an increasing number of fans seems to accept that they're making a moral compromise by supporting the NFL. The next stage is where the problems really start to arise for the league.


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Nov 10, 2006
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 Me and my brother have gone back and forth about this a couple years now. We both have 16 year old sons who play/played high school football. His is sticking with it, mine quit over health concerns. I've stopped watching football myself due to the "bloodsport" feel I've gotten. I guess what sent me past the point of mild discomfort and outright disgust was Junior Seau. I am not surprised that football players end up a mess after they stop playing. Or any proffesional athlete for that matter. Aphysical toll is a forgone conclusion. I was surprised a seemingly glowing man with a beautiful family was so overwhelmed by his medical problems from this game that he decided to end it rather than fight. He wasn't broke, or without a support system. He just couldn't take it
. I'm glad to see Chris Borland and others make the choice to get out while the getting is good. Better too soon than too late. I am sure the Seau family would agree.


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Nov 4, 2007
Will Smith isn't quite so relevant these days, but he's got a movie coming out in December about the NFL concussion issue that should put it even more on everyone's minds.
I'll say this, even as a boxing fan it's gotten harder and harder for me to enjoy watching football knowing what these guys are doing to their bodies and that on any play you could see a gruesome injury or one that's going to severely limit a human's mental or physical abilities for the rest of his life.  Maybe I'll feel different when real games start and I can bet and play fantasy and actually root for my team, but I'm definitely not the watch every game on Sunday fan I was a year or two ago.