Cell phone - refurb as replacement (aka bluetooth issues on new Pixel 3)

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Nov 8, 2004
I got a new Google Pixel 3 and switched to Project Fi a couple months ago. From a network perspective, it has passed with flying colors - from Maui to San Francisco to Amesbury.

Only issue has been periodic bluetooth "stuttering" when I'm walking/listening and the phone is in my pocket. Not an entirely unknown issue, there are a number of threads about it online, but no solutions. Happens most frequently at crosswalks on city streets (also know to happen with iPhones/Airpods), but also happens occasionally in my neighborhood or uncrowded areas, though with far less frequency.

I worked with Google Store on the issue, and after considerable testing (different headsets, factory reset, removing case & glass screen protector) they determined to only solution is a replacement phone. Now I find out the replacement will be a refurb. I'm reluctant, because if the issue is a Pixel-wide issue, I will have basically swapped a wonky "new" phone for a wonky "refurb". Then again, maybe the wonkiness doesn't exist in the refurb... but who knows.

What do you think, worth the risk? What do you think of refurbs more generally?



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Jul 21, 2005
Using refurbs as replacements is pretty standard practice, even with Apple. Presumably the refurb has been through another round of testing and whatever the reason it was returned has been resolved. Your warranty should carry over as well. I wouldn't sweat it.

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Apr 11, 2007
I can only speak for Apple, but I rate their refurbished store very highly. I've purchased a couple of products that way and have been extremely satisfied. Same one year warranty as new products, and ipads/iphones all have new batteries and external housings. I believe Macbooks get new batteries as well, but don't quote me on that.

Can't recommend Apple refurbished highly enough. Full disclosure: I'm an enormous Apple stan.

EDIT: the stock in the refurbished store changes with some frequency- even day to day.