Can Someone Point Me to the Pols/Studies that Show Baseball is not Actually Dying?


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Jan 20, 2006
I'm in an argument with a friend who swears baseball is on its last legs (because of several years of declining attendance and youth interest and participation). I've seen posters here link to actual real polls or studies that show that is not the case. Unfortunately, after searching for the last 30 minutes on SoSH, I can't find them. Please help!
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Sep 27, 2016
I mean, this should do for a start. But that's at the MLB level.

Youth sports is declining across all sports and demographics. There are isolated exceptions you can find to this, some sports where the decline is faster than average, or accelerating... but it's pretty across-the-board.

If you're talking little league specifically, you've got the gold-standard research body in this discipline, the SFIA. And from 2013-2018, youth participation increased by 3 million despite the declines I mentioned in lots of other areas. But that obscures the difference between "casual" players (who play 1-12 times per year) and "core" players (13+ times per year) and the respective trends there; it obscures any age groups that would suggest what the next 5-10 years of youth play will look like (just lumps all "kids" together). But it's probably good enough to win an argument with a friend.