Brian Cashman steals ballplayers, not cars.


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Dec 4, 2009
The Yankees GM had an eventful Friday when Connecticut Police swarm Brian Cashman with ‘guns drawn’ after mistaking him for car thief

From the nypost

Brian Cashman was swarmed by a group of Connecticut police officers who drew their firearms on the Yankee general manager Friday when he was apparently mistaken for an armed car thief, The Post has learned.

The 52-year-old GM of the Bronx Bombers was driving his white Jeep Wrangler from Yankee Stadium to Connecticut after it was reported stolen last Saturday, according to team sources.

The NYPD had found his vehicle abandoned in the Bronx and returned it to him earlier this week.

Cashman was attempting to get to the Norwalk Police Department to have his car processed for evidence on Friday when he stopped at a gas station in Darien.

“And that’s when apparently the circumstances radically changed,” Cashman told The Post.

“I had a welcoming committee descend upon me as I pulled out of that gas station.”

According to Cashman, Darien cops were already “responding to someone in a white Jeep that was brandishing a gun in a local doctor’s office.”
To make matters worse, when Darien police ran Cashman’s license plates, the vehicle came up stolen because “the NYPD never took me off the stolen car list,” he said.

As Cashman pulled out of the gas station as many as five patrol cars zoned in on him and between six to nine officers got out of their cars with their “guns drawn,” he said.

“They executed a very tactful interception,” Cashman said.

Much more from this crazy story at the link


Dragon Wangler
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Jul 15, 2005
Cashman was able to trade his Jeep Wrangler and a tank of gas for money considerations and a PTNBL

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Dec 24, 2002
Cashman was able to trade his Jeep Wrangler and a tank of gas for money considerations and a PTNBL
And the PTBNL will end up having a career year in terms of power as soon as he dons pinstripes. Meanwhile, the Wrangler will spend the next year in the shop.


chris hansen of goats
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May 19, 2004
Some fancy town in CT
My guess is that it was the rest stop off of 95 in a Darien, so he was probably dealing with the Staties.
Yeah that was my guess as well. I doubt the Darien PD were hanging out at Post Road gas stations. Not when two-thirds of them seemed to be on traffic duty this week. :)

VORP Speed

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Apr 23, 2010
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It was Darien PD at the Shell on Post Rd just down the street from the train station.

Darien PD put out a huge statement, this is the most exciting thing they’ve been involved with in a long time.

Clears Cleaver

Lil' Bill
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Aug 1, 2001
the Shell is basically downtown, in a heavily trafficked portion of the Post road (just before Trader Joe's). the police often have a car stationed in a lot less than a quarter mile up the street in a parking lot. The Shell is a full service station, too


Son of the Harpy
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Jul 15, 2005
The pal I messaged wasn’t there. Said he wishes he was as he is a Mets fan.


mad photochops
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Feb 4, 2012
Cashman was able to trade his Jeep Wrangler and a tank of gas for money considerations and a PTNBL
He traded it for a junker which came to New York and suddenly started driving at a ridiculous 80 mpg and got him more chicks than any super car.