Best game played on each day, 2009-2019

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Jul 20, 2005
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I'm not sure if this is on the radar of most SoSH users yet, but there's a way to find any MLB game since 2009 on the official MLB Youtube channel. Here is the Reddit link with the information, but the gist is basically:

In order to find a game, your search has to be in the following format:
  • XXX AT YYY - Month DD, YYYY
  • XXX is the official 3-letter code for the visiting team
  • YYY is the official 3-letter code for the home team

  • Tampa Bay is "TBA" not "TBR" or "TAM"
  • The Yankees are "NYA", not "NYY"
  • The Mets are "NYN", not "NYM"
  • The Giants are "SFN", not "SFG"
  • The Royals are "KCA", not "KCR"
  • Cubs/White Sox are "CHN" and "CHA", respectively
There are a few other full games of interest scattered around Youtube. I'm currently watching the 5/28/00 Pedro vs. Clemens matchup at the toilet.
I'm toying with the idea of using this resource to try to watch the best game played on each date. So for example, on May 28, the 5/28/00 Pedro vs. Clemens matchup would probably get the nod.

I'm wondering if anyone has any elegant suggestions for identifying the best game played on a given day. To use an extremely simple example, here are the options for March 28:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Seattle Mariners (3) @ Oakland Athletics (1) Boxscore

Thursday, March 28, 2019
Pittsburgh Pirates (3) @ Cincinnati Reds (5) Boxscore
Chicago White Sox (3) @ Kansas City Royals (5) Boxscore
Arizona D'Backs (5) @ Los Angeles Dodgers (12) Boxscore
Colorado Rockies (6) @ Miami Marlins (3) Boxscore
St. Louis Cardinals (4) @ Milwaukee Brewers (5) Boxscore
Cleveland Indians (0) @ Minnesota Twins (2) Boxscore
Baltimore Orioles (2) @ New York Yankees (7) Boxscore
Los Angeles Angels (0) @ Oakland Athletics (4) Boxscore
Atlanta Braves (4) @ Philadelphia Phillies (10) Boxscore
San Francisco Giants (0) @ San Diego Padres (2) Boxscore
Boston Red Sox (4) @ Seattle Mariners (12) Boxscore
Houston Astros (5) @ Tampa Bay Rays (1) Boxscore
Chicago Cubs (12) @ Texas Rangers (4) Boxscore
Detroit Tigers (2) @ Toronto Blue Jays (0) Boxscore
New York Mets (2) @ Washington Nationals (0) Boxscore

What's an efficient way of figuring out which of these games might have been a no-hitter, or featured two aces, or featured something else interesting? I feel like I need archived daily roundups.


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Jan 23, 2009
The Play Index at Baseball Reference might be a good tool for narrowing your criteria. For example, I went to the pitching game finder and did a search for games last year with game scores over 80, sorted in date order and this was the result (114 games). So it appears you can choose the Cleveland at Minnesota game in order to see a dominant start from Jose Berrios (7.2 IP, 2 H, 10 K, 1 BB, 0 R, 96 pitches, 84 GmScr).


Apr 11, 2012
The game on the list with the most strikeouts? Chris Sale's 17K loss. Last year really sucked.