Baseball Games! Of the digital sort


Aug 19, 2010
In a thread on the main board, a poster shook free a few personal memories about playing baseball games on the computer as a younger person. The poster's reference to MicroLeague Baseball, Earl Weaver, LaRussa got me reminiscing of hitting "2" for curveball and cursing the speed at which the four pixel runner got out of the box, indicating extra bases for sure.

Anyway, not sure if this is the right place for this, but do people still play baseball games on computers? If so, are there any recommendations? It's unseasonably rainy and cold where I am now and it doesn't feel like spring. I understand this is the case in many other places where SoShers might live, so maybe we can take refuge in binary baseball? I'll accept golf recommendations as well as that might scratch the same itch.


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Nov 17, 2006
Brooklyn, NY
Diamond Mind Baseball is the most realistic baseball simulation but it almost all text based. The play by play is awesome and makes you feel like you are listening to a game on the radio. Below is a good example of a unique call you rarely see.
Rice homer DMB 1979.jpg