Attending the Masters


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Aug 23, 2006
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I thought there was a thread about this a couple of years ago, but it may have just been a part of one of the Masters threads.

So, I've been entering the lottery for Masters tickets since they started it a few years ago, and until today have come up with nothing. Unfortunately, I was just selected for practice round tickets, but on the plus side, I got Wednesday (Par 3 tournament). I'll want to see at least one tournament round to make the trip worth it, so will probably pick up tickets on StubHub for Thursday or Friday.

Looking for tips, primarily with regards to where to stay, since hotels in Augusta (and Aiken) are filling up fast. But also welcome tips about where to sit (or not), things to do at night, places to play golf (and whether it's worth it) nearby, etc. from those who've done it before.


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Nov 28, 2005
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I did it 3 years ago and stayed at an Aunt's place who used to live in Aiken, so that part won't help you. However, on Friday, we got a spot at the 7th green I believe which was at the bottom of the hill of the 2nd green and next to the 3rd tee. We got to see everyone coming down on 2, teeing off (and walking by) on 3, and then coming up and putting on 7 (I believe). It was awesome.

I was amazed at how "small" it all felt and how close everything seem to be. It looks much larger on TV. The crowds will be very sparse compared to any other tournaments you've been to which makes watching so much better.

It really was an amazing experience -- enjoy!


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Jul 15, 2005
Many of the pros rent places at Reynolds Plantation and play golf there. Not clear how you can get on their courses but they do have a program for prospective purchasers of real estate that allows them to stay and play. Not sure if they run that during the Masters but it's possible that they do.


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Apr 25, 2010
I did this a couple years ago and stayed in Atlanta. Makes for a long day but I thought it was the right move just to have much better hotel options at non-gouging prices.

16 was the most fun we had at the practice rounds. You're probably familiar with the tradition of guys trying to skip balls across the water up onto 16 green. It's fun stuff.

17 green was also fun. You can wedge yourself between 17 green and 18 tee and have an excellent view of both.

The grandstand at 14 tee is great because you also have an excellent view of second shots into 13. My recall is that it's a really popular spot and can be hard to get seats.

Agree with RGreeley that it's amazingly compact and there's no reason that you can't see at least a little action on all 18 holes in a day.

Congrats. I enter that lottery every year too and always come up empty.


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Apr 16, 2003
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Went a few years ago and stayed in the Columbia, SC area. Drive is only an hr or so south to August and very easy to do, even early in order to get there when the gates open.


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Apr 25, 2010
Bumping this thread to ask if anyone here has ever bought Masters tickets on the secondary market? I'm considering it as a bucket list holiday gift for my dad and wondering if StubHub is trustworthy or if there's a better idea. I have never had a bad experience with SH but at this price point I get slightly nervous. Would be a catastrophe to travel all the way there just to have it go off the rails. Anyone have any insight?