Approaching League Commissioners with football format scoring issues

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Oct 6, 2010
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Odd question, I know, but I look at my football league that I do a podcast with, and it's absolutely FUBAR. Too many bonuses to the point where it doesn't resemble even basic fantasy. If you're not scoring over 130, good luck. 200 points is a decently normal high score. Drew Brees had over 80 points alone in the crazy game against the Giants this year, while Russell Wilson's had games of 50+ points the past three weeks. With respect to the Seahawks' playcaller, sure, he's looked great, but this is silly. The Broncos D/ST, while great by most metrics, scores 30+ points/game. Whole points are used, and this can and does lead to ties, which nobody likes. One full point per reception, which I'm okay with, but with the other bonuses, it's too much.

I want to be respectful about this, since I'm a relatively newcomer into their foray, if very well liked for my knowledge of schemes, history, humor, and statistics-based approach. Any ideas of how to fix things? Not going to try to ask too much, just to keep it, well, real. As a smaller, side note: What would you propose as changes/removals/fixes from the above?


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Jul 18, 2005
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No reason you can't approach them and discuss it, but if they've settled on this kind of bonus-driven format and you're a newcomer who prefers more traditional fantasy then maybe look for a different league?