Antivirus for Android


Sep 28, 2014
Nougat with T-Mobile --Is Lookout that T-Mobile includes sufficient or should I look at something else? Rating of these products on the web are varied and some sources say you don't even need one.

Basically, I've set my phone up to not automatically download updates and only to use wi-fi but not to download from 3rd party without my permission. Is there anything else? The quesrion arises because this evening I got a notification that Lookout needed to be activated (I thought it already was). Thanks


Robespierre in a Cape
SoSH Member
Jul 24, 2007
If you aren't downloading applications from untrusted sources (which is to say "anyone other than Google"), your attack surface is low. Not zero, which is why you shouldn't download random crap without vetting it, but low.

"Mobile antivirus" is mostly a vector for other stuff, none of which you want.