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Feb 6, 2006
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Well 20 years have passed. I was looking at the numbers and if we were looking at the team through collective WAR through 2000s:

C Varitek
1B Youkilis
2B Pedroia
SS Bogaerts
3B Lowell
LF Ramirez
CF Ellsbury
RF Betts
DH Ortiz

C Saltamalachia
MIF Garciaparra
Corner IF Mueller
OF Damon

SP Martinez
SP Lester
SP Beckett
SP Wakefield
SP Schilling

CL Papelbon
P Buchholz
P Sale
P Rodriquez
P Lowe
P Price
P Porcello

While the biggest shock for me is Julio Lugo somehow missing the cut (I must have missed a cubic transformation), JBJ and Uehara missing the position player and pitcher. The list doesn't look too bad for just generating off Cul. WAR. Obviously would replace Wakefield with Sale in the starting rotation. Devers is not close to Mueller yet but should be soon. JBJ will probably surpass Damon this season in Cul. WAR but I am not sure I would take Damon off the roster.

The Red Sox did have some short lived players that could be considered. Beltre, AGon, and Kimbrel come to mind.
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Mar 24, 2006
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Victor Martinez over Salty, for sure. I dont think you need to carry Damon on the roster with 2 capable CF in the starting lineup. Give me JDM or Bay. Probably need an actual utility IF too, unless Nomar and Mookie can cover 2b.

And obviously cumulative WAR cant get the bullpen right. Pap/Koji/Oki/Bard/Kimbrel/Embree?

Lose Remerswaal

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I think you should stick to real relievers in the bullpen, instead of starters, like Sale, who built up their WAR by throwing so many more innings.

Really great idea, though. Salty wouldn't have been my second or third guess for C, although I guess he should have been/ V Mart wouldn't have been my guy, he hardly ever caught here (edit: 143 games, more than I thought)

Philip Jeff Frye

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Oct 23, 2001
Surprised to see Beckett rate so highly there. Other than 2007, when he was great in both the regular and the post season, he always had a whiff of disappointment about him, unfulfilled potential. And he had some pretty bad years in 2006, 2010 and 2012.

Ale Xander

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Oct 31, 2013
C Tek
1B Ortiz/JDM
2B Pedey
SS Xander
3B Beltre
LF Manny
CF Damon
RF Betts
DH JDM/Ortiz

SP Pedro
SP Beckett
SP Lester
SP Blowhard
SP Lowe

Ale Xander

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Oct 31, 2013

CL Papelbon
SU Uehara
Hi Lev: Foulke
CL2 Kimbrel
Long: Price
Blowout: Wake

Ale Xander

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Oct 31, 2013
C2 Vmart
3B/1B Youk
SS2 Nomar
UTIL/2B Holt
PH/4OF Bay
5OF/PR/DF Ellsbury

25 man roster: cut Kimbrel
26 man roster: keep Kimbrel
Yeah, I'm ok with a 10 man pitching staff.


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Oct 1, 2015
I'll do it this way. Best individual seasons by position from 2000-2019 (for Boston)....

C - Jason Varitek (2004) - 18 hr, 73 rbi, .296/.390/.482/.871, 121 ops+, 4.0 bWAR
1b - Kevin Youkilis (2009) - 27 hr, 94 rbi, .305/.413/.548/.961, 146 ops+, 6.6 bWAR
2b - Dustin Pedroia (2011) - 21 hr, 91 rbi, .307/.387/.474/.861, 131 ops+, 8.0 bWAR
3b - Adrian Beltre (2010) - 28 hr, 102 rbi, .321/.365/.553/.919, 141 ops+, 7.8 bWAR
SS - Nomar Garciaparra (2000) - , 21 hr, 96 rbi, .372/.434/.599/1.033, 156 ops+, 7.4 bWAR
LF - Manny Ramirez (2002) - 33 hr, 107 rbi, .349/.450/.647/1.097, 184 ops+, 6.0 bWAR
CF - Jacoby Ellsbury (2011) - 32 hr, 105 rbi, .321/.376/.552/.928, 146 ops+, 8.3 bWAR
RF - Mookie Betts (2018) - 32 hr, 80 rbi, .346/.438/.640/1.078, 186 ops+, 10.6 bWAR
DH - JD Martinez (2018) - 43 hr, 130 rbi, .330/.402/.629/1.031, 173 ops+, 6.5 bWAR
**Ortiz was obviously phenomenal, but Martinez' 2018 season was slightly better (by bWAR anyway) than any season Ortiz ever put up

SP - Pedro Martinez (2000) - 18-6, 1.74 era, 0.74 whip, 11.8 k/9, 9.7 bWAR
RP - Jonathan Papelbon (2006) - 4-2, 0.92 era, 35 sv, 0.78 whip, 9.9 k/9, 5.0 bWAR