9/14 - Things that irritate me about the Yankees, a list


spooky action from a distance
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Jul 16, 2005
1. Aaron Boone
2. Anthony Rizzo being the only slugger willing to hit sacrifice flies instead of swinging for the fences all the damn time
3. Our infield defense
4. Andrew Heaney
5. Winning 12 in a row to make me think we were going to the playoffs just to shit the bed against some of the worst teams in baseball
6. Aaron Boone
7. The inability of the offense to string hits together
8. The uncanny ability to hit into more double plays than any team I can think of in my lifetime
9. Letting the fucking Red Sox and Mariners back into the playoff hunt
10. Resting offensive starters in pivotal games late in the season

jon abbey

Shanghai Warrior
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Jul 15, 2005
I never cared much about Ken Singleton as an announcer but he has been really great in very limited time this year (by his choice), maybe just three series? They should try to get him back to 20 games at least next year, no one needs any John Flaherty for starters.