9-13 Battle in Seattle

The Filthy One

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Aug 11, 2005
East Bay
Last night's game for Schwarber was sort of the anti-Renfroe game for him in that he followed a massively awful day at the plate with the single defensive play most responsible for losing the game. That's gotta suck for him.


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Dec 23, 2020
Chicago, IL
WOW Love thus and Cantor44's 2nd chapter. Looking forward to future serialized sharings from the book.! Well I seldom miss not having TV but honestly last night would have been a lot more bearable f I could have WATCHED the game and listened to classic opera! Although just about anything sarah Brightman sings has the same impact, even her coontmeporrary stuff just sayyin, for me.I don't go for the beef jerky and Mountain dew i go for the high notes and the deep notes that elevate the tragi-comedic to the ethereal. or at least bearable LOL
The whole scene if shot on film, could have opera underscoring for cruel juxtaposition! We're on to something. SoSH productions or some such ...