8/9 - Happ at Reid-Foley

jon abbey

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Jul 15, 2005
They announced Green is starting, looks like Holder behind him and they do have Ottavino/Britton/Chapman all really well rested at the back. Between Green and them:

Holder, 3 days rest after 33 pitches
Adams, 2 days rest after 34 pitches
Cessa, 1 day after 43 pitches
Cortes Jr, 0 days after 36 pitches

I wrote earlier but Loaisiga threw 48 really strong pitches against ATL's AAA team tonight, three dominant innings sitting 96-98. People often say things like "he shut down a really tough lineup" and it's easy to question just how tough that lineup was on that specific night in question, but here is a great bit of context...

After Loaisiga finished his scheduled three innings and left at 0-0, regular starter Brody Koerner came in and somehow gave up 16 hits, so a 3 1 0 0 0 4 followed by a 5.2 16 10 10 0 5. I assume they have Loaisiga slated for a big role in Monday's doubleheader, maybe 60-70 pitches if possible. I can't wait to see him back, he is at the back end of the bullpen of my ideal postseason roster. His stuff is just so good, if he can only stay healthy the rest of the season for once.