8/8 Because Someone Has to Do This - Part 2


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Nov 29, 2003
Upstate NY
Well, given that last night's game wasn't technically a loss I will start up the thread for tonight's game against the Angels.

Let's go Chris Sale...please be really good again!

Sampo Gida

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Aug 7, 2010
Like the Royals the Angels come to Fenway with a 6 game losing streak. The Gods are doing their part to help us, so take advantage of it guys


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Jul 15, 2005
Pioneer Valley
Trying to figure out what a 10 day DL stint will do for a cyst? Pretty much have to take it out, I imagine. https://tucson.com/sports/red-sox-pitcher-price-on--day-il-with-cyst/article_293ccbf5-2260-5c6c-85ac-8b05df9f56e3.html
My husband's father was a neurologist, and husband swears his father treated ganglion cysts by hitting them hard with a book. Although it was NYC, I don't think he'd treated a very highly paid athlete like Price. Also, this is apparently a rare type, so who knows?


mad photochops
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Feb 4, 2012
Today my daughter is exactly one month old and I am currently in the waiting room waiting for her discharge at the NICU.

Let this be the beginning of the new Red Sox.
I like him.
The whole thing always comes across like a college kid being invited up into the booth and just being thrilled to be around the people up there. Maybe if they did less focusing on the booth every chance they got, with him standing in the midst looking excitedly back and forth at everyone.

I apologize if that comes across as age-ist, that's not my intent. It's just a very sloppily-handled process. Plus I find his voice annoying.