8/11 v Angels. Win the Series.

Sampo Gida

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Aug 7, 2010
Play 2 series against 2 cup cakes at home each having a 6 game losing streak. Go 3-3-1 . Nuff said.

Rovin Romine

Johnny Rico
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Jul 14, 2005
Miami (oh, Miami!)
What do you think the Owings start was all about?

Owings played for Arizona when DD advisor Tony LaDUI was an exec there. I think there's some sort of power play going on behind the scenes, which Shank alluded to, and Cora just said, "Okay, you want Owings on the roster? he's staring and leading off."
If that were the case, Cora should be fired immediately. It's one thing to rebel against idiocy. It's another to do it by tanking a game.