8/11 - Tanaka at Thornton

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How much is Tanaka wearing down ? He's trying major changes to recover effectiveness and if anyone can do this, it will be him, we shall see. Thornton is an even bigger questionmark coming back from injury. Otherwise our pitching has not been bad at all in Toronto and we are, finally, actually seeing the start of returns from the IL. Sanchez looked better than fine. Urshela and Tauchman can't possibly stay this hot...well actually they can for the Os back home. I'm still dubious as to how many can and will get back for us meaningfully, but if these guys can perform anywhere near the current level against the quality teams, we can at least get deep into the playoffs


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Aug 25, 2005
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No. If uncertain, you can just check the overall list of thread starters. Crow, Abbey and Shiner are next up. Abbey even reminded Crow at the end of yesterday’s thread. You follow Shiner.

And there are a few others who might jump in if we don’t start the post before sunrise. Wingack, Brand Name for sure. Abbey usually handles this stuff. You need a deep rotation in a season like this.
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