714 Homers Behind Hank Aaron


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The Sons of Sam Horn: 35 years ago, I pitched for the Cobham (UK) Yankees in the British Baseball League. On a remote “pitch” overlooking a historic church, our team was playing the London Knights one afternoon when the Commissioner of Baseball, Bowie Kuhn, showed up with his wife. This surreal configuration unfolds in this brief account here. https://slkelly.org/2018/05/03/714-homers-behind-hank-aaron/

Al Zarilla

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Dec 8, 2005
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I should have put Gerry Murphy - my old teacher's - retort when I came back to the bench after hitting the home run. "Earl Wilson would have hit it farther!"
Earl Wilson, who was a Red Sox (mostly) pitcher who could hit, really hit the long ball. He had 7 home runs one season and 35 for his career.

That must have been funny to see, an American baseball game in the midst of the English gardens with the hedges and the mums and the asters. I can kind of see it.

Excellent, as always, Shaun.
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Dec 17, 2002
I trained with the Brighton Buccaneers for part of a season. They had the best diamond in England at the time (‘99).

Great story!