7/17 - Eovaldi vs. Cole 7:05 @ toilet


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Jun 26, 2006
We are veering off the real story last night in that the umpires really screwed us a few times.the first and last pitches of the Vazquez at bat they took the bat out of his hands in a huge apot.
That first base ump - is he behind the plate tonight?

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Dec 28, 2000
So I was at the game, and it was miserable almost every way you can imagine. One thing though, as a long-time veteran of going to games at The Toilet, know that being a Red Sox fan there is in no way comparable to what it was like 20 years ago. Many more Red Sox fans proudly and openly wearing their colors, and generally not an unsafe or threatening atmosphere. Certainly nothing like it used to be and, in my experience, no better or worse than what Yankee fans face going to Fenway.

That said, of course there are exceptions and what happened to Catherine Varitek and her daughter is appalling. What happened to Verdugo is too.

Before we totally turn the page on last night's shitshow, I have the memory of the first pitch Jarren Duran ever saw in the major leagues rifled for a single. Out of all this, let's assume at least we found our next Ellsbury...