7/15 - Blah Blah BJs Again


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Sep 9, 2008
All three infielders with an assist and the first baseman with three put outs in that inning. Ties a world record held by many.


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Jul 16, 2005
Rogers Park
Barnes, Workman, Eovaldi, and Hembree could be a good postseason pen, if we get there. We just need to not work Barnes and Workman to death on our way there.

Taylor seems promising, but if we could replace Brasier with another good late-inning option — possibly Brasier, pitching better; more likely Houck or Darwinzon H — that would make a huge difference. We could also use a long man. A few innings of 4.50 ERA from Brian Johnson or Steven Wright after Porcello would have really helped us tonight.

I only trust the W's from the bullpen to get W's for this team.
No one gets my Walden jokes. Has no one read Thoreau?

Harry Hooper

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Jan 4, 2002
The arc on that Chavis grand slam looked a lot like one of Rico's taters.

The Gray Eagle

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Aug 1, 2001
It seems like our pitchers allow so many foul balls, like more than other teams in games I've watched.

Just from watching our pitching, it seems like we have pitch after pitch spoiled by opposing hitters, driving up our pitch counts, making innings last long, and extending at-bats-- it just seems like our pitchers have more trouble than most putting hitters away.

I tried looking it up to see if it's true. I had trouble finding the overall number of fouls allowed, but on B-R you can get the percentages and total number of strikes.

Going into tonight, we've thrown 9454 strikes, and had 28.8% of them fouled off.

Some random other teams:
NYY: 8641 strikes thrown, 26.6 fouled off.
HOU: 8990 strikes thrown, 27.6% fouled off.
CLE: 8550 strikes, 27.6% fouled off.
TB: 8945 strikes, 26.9% foul.
BAL: 9028 strikes, 29.2% foul.

If those numbers are accurate, then by my math, we've had over 400 more of our pitches fouled off than the Yankees. The Orioles have allowed a higher percentage of strikes fouled, but our pitchers have allowed 86 more total fouls than they have.

I'm not sure exactly what this means or if these numbers are even accurate, but we have allowed a ton of fouls this year, and it's really annoying.


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Oct 29, 2004
Was on vacation with spotty internet. Not the best showing, but I'll take the W.

Bring on the Cashmer era