5/4: Odorizzi vs. Happ


Dragon Wangler
SoSH Member
Jul 15, 2005
holy shit, i didn't see Andujar's second error because I was on the road already.

Before the start of this game, I was going to make a bet for how long we all think it will be before Andujar gets 2 errors. I didn't think it would by the 7th inning.


jon abbey

Shanghai Warrior
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Jul 15, 2005
Surprised not to see Piazza on that list,
This made me curious so I just looked it up.

Sanchez has played 285 career games through today and has 82 home runs, he is around 26 1/2.
Through Piazza's first 285 career games, he had 63 home runs, and was a few months older than Gary at that point.