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Jul 16, 2005
Oh Hai Xander.

Long time, no see. No bitterness here, it was a business decision and perhaps also grounded in the idea you'd be going to a more immediately realistic candidate for World Series contender. Could still happen, but such a shame your team has the mirror record of ours at the quarter mark… and that you just lost a series at home to the damn Royals while the Sox won one against the M's. Just a real shame.

So, okay, a little bitterness here. Not as much as some of the mopey, sour-stomached sad sacks around these parts. Just enough to keep this thread theme of petty spite chugging along.

Let us smile at our ex with warmth and affection for our shared past, and then remind them of what they left behind, make them regret they ever left.


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Jul 15, 2005
Pioneer Valley
I don't root for injuries but will take them when they benefit my team. Couldn't have happened to a better person. I'll be there all weekend cheering on the boys from Boston!

His injury will cause me no loss of sleep. I was actually rooting for "knee." As someone with bad knees, I know whereof I speak. You know the expression "I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy?" Well, I've never subscribed to that. In war, we kill our enemies. In peace, we wish bad things for them.
Anyway, I will be watching this in bed, so no game-threading, and I hope that a large Sox lead puts me to sleep.
Geaux, Sox! (Not former Sox, only current.)


a real Homer for the Sox
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Jul 15, 2005
Oviedo, FL
Game 45
The homestand wrapped up more successfully
than it began. The Sox won 12 to 3.
An E-rod-like Bello got the job done.
We ripped 16 hits. (9 got at least 1.)
We took a huge lead and kept it all game.
Sadly, the Celtics did not do the same.
Tonight, as the Celts take on Miami,
we’ll clench our teeth as our palms get clammy,
holding stiff drinks that are made for adults,
cursing and praying for better results.
Out West, the Red Sox, looking “en fuego,”
wield their hot bats against San Diego
who have big stars like our old friend, Xander,
but struggle to win, and with all candor,
I hope the Sox find awesome and odd ways
to rock and shock and defrock the Padres.
Two Boston losses could start a bleak trend.
Let’s win tonight and all through the weekend.
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Apr 11, 2012
Okay, "defrock" is going to make me join the chorus singing your praises. Well done.

Ale Xander

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Oct 31, 2013
This is hurting his development not playing every day

have Dalbec up here instead if you’re going to play him only 4x a week


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Jan 23, 2009
15 games so far in May. Four games against lefty starters. Casas has sat against all of them (and started the 11 games against righties). Why should tonight be any different? This is how they get Refsnyder into the lineup, and he's been killing lefties (.901 OPS). Casas has not (.758 OPS).

Doc Zero

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Dec 6, 2007
Years of Dalbec frustration and vitriol just vanished. He hit a ball really far and now I need him in the lineup every day.

Doc Zero

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Dec 6, 2007
The NESN 360 app is even worse tonight. It’s doing this thing where it replays the same 7-second bit of video over and over before eventually catching up with itself two plays later.