30th Anniversary of Hail Flutie


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Dec 8, 2005
Boston College was leading 41-38 with minutes left in the fourth quarter, but Miami was driving and threatening to score and go ahead. On the sidelines, Flutie went up to one of his Assistant Coaches, Barry Gallup, and says, “Barry, tell coach to let them score.”  

Barry says inredulously, “What do you mean, let them score?!?!” 

Flutie replied: “They’re gonna score anyway. They’ve been scoring all day. Just give me the ball back with enough time.”



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Dog, fantastic doesn't begin to describe that article, and great breakdown on the plays
the lineman whos arms he jumped into was the late Steve Trapilleo. Steve was a customer of mine and had that photo up in his office great guy gone way way too soon
i was 29 and running a mom and pop office supply store in Boston at the time and had to work that Friday. as soon as I closed up I weent into the Barrister Pub on Pearl St and watched the 4th qtr (and was introduced to a new product on the market, a 'spiced rum' by Capt Morgan) when the ball landed in Phalen's gut I let out such a scream that Doris the bartender thought i was having a heart attack... I ran to my car and sped down the expressway, where i all of a sudden had blue light behind me in east Milton Sq. I told the statie that I was rushing home to watch the BC game on tape and he let me off with a verbal warning and to slow  it down


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Dec 23, 2003
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The program will repeat tomorrow night at 10 pm, then twice Friday morning at 10 am & 11 am leading into the Celtics matinee game. They'll show it again on Saturday at noon & 7 pm, and on Sunday at 11 am & 4:30 pm.