2022 Season Opener-Patriots at Dolphins


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Feb 19, 2002
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I wonder how the Krafts are going to react to the media shit storm that happens when this team starts 0-4.
Hopefully not at all. A bad four game stretch shouldn’t affect your view of your program. The bigger question is whether they are happy with the overall direction of the program (BBS kids beingni. The staff, lack of experienced offensive coaches, the number of assistants who left for Vegas, the shoddy drafts particularly late 20 tens, etc)

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Oct 31, 2013
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From @ESPNStatsInfo: This is the 2nd-largest deficit the Patriots have faced in a season opener under Bill Belichick (lost 31-0 to Bills in 2003).
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The #Patriots offense in the first half: 0 points, two turnovers (fumble six), -0.42 EPA per play on all downs, -0.71 EPA per play on early downs. Rough start.
F yes!

That season ended just fine