2021 Draft


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Dec 8, 2005
Leiter has to go #1. He's just that dominant and he's not going to have nearly as many innings under his belt that a pitcher would normally have if they went to college . Usually you go to college for 3 years and you're eligible for the draft. However Leiter went to prep school so he was at the HS level for 5 years(only threw between 50 and 60 IPs his junior and senior years) then his freshman season was cut short due to the pandemic. Pittsburgh is going to get a kid who has a more than full gas tank in terms of innings and can frankly get to the majors within a year of this year's draft. For all of the handwringing about Rocker, he's still limiting hitters to a .137 AVG, has a 0.84 ERA(4 ER's in 43 innings), and has 61 K's in those 43 innings. It does look like the Red Sox will miss out on these two plus Lawler, but Mayer or del Castillo is going to be a nice consolation prize at 4.
And I don’t know how you don’t factor in his bloodlines. His father and his uncle figured out how to play in MLB 30 years and this kid has more talent than either of them.

Obviously we know relatively little about how all these prospects will respond to the challenges of a pro career, but given the relative crapshoot of the MLB draft if I will happily bet on a Leiter.

Of course he is gone by #4 so that ship has left the barn door open

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Aug 18, 2010
For those with a BA subscription, Carlos Collazo did a mock draft this week.

1. PIT: Jordan Lawlar - SS (HS - Texas)
2. TEX: Kumar Rocker - RHP (Vandy)
3. DET: Jack Leiter - RHP (Vandy)
4. BOS: Marcelo Mayer - SS (HS - CA)

5. BAL: Adrian del Castillo - C (Miami)

Other notable pitching selections:
8. Gunner Hogland (RHP, Ole Miss)
9. Ty Madden (RHP, Texas)
12. Jaden Hill (RHP, LSU)

In reading about this draft, it appears that a consensus is forming around Rocker, Leiter, and Lawlar as a top three. I'm really hoping for del Castillo to turn it on so Texas or Detroit fall in love with a consensus #1 college bat.
I wonder how the contracted minor leagues will figure into the calculus of drafting a high school versus a college player. Up until this year a high schooler could spend time in rookie leagues, short season leagues, etc. with kids his own age and have time to get used to being away from home, figure it out and do some growing up. By the time your through with college, you should be ready to go out into the world. I'm not saying that a 22 year old is necessarily mature, I was still doing some idiotic things my senior year, but I'd age would be a positive factor with a high draft pick.


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Jan 2, 2006
Was really hoping the Sox would fall into Leiter at 4, but that is basically impossible now.


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Nov 29, 2001
It's gonna be another WTF pick for Boston in the 1st round this year, isn't it?
Maybe, but this is also essentially the first pick of the Chaim Bloom regime (given the Covid impact on amateur baseball in spring 2020) , so we can hope for an impact player even if the big guys are off the board.