2020 NFL: Wk.11 Game Thread


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Dec 7, 2008
It cannot be challenged because it is a scoring play, but it’s reviewable from New York, according to Perreira.
How did they not review it then? Even if you come to the conclusion call stands you need to look at that, it's too close and a massive play


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Apr 17, 2003
Really bad play calling at the end, going for two home runs that, if successful, would've left too much time for rw anyway. And Murray couldn't have run for the first down at some point there?

Van Everyman

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Apr 30, 2009
Olsen has a torn plantar fascia – probably the best case scenario for him all things considered, and there’s hope he’ll be back fir the playoffs.

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Mar 31, 2013
Feels like Hill is going to start and play one play and then Jameis goes in, just to screw with Atlanta's preparation.
Yeah, I expect there to be a lot of swapping out between Hill and Jameis and a ton of misdirection. Payton's obsession with Hill gets a lot of flak, but outside of Andy Reid I think Payton has established himself as the preeminent offensive mind in the game and has been doing it forever. He deserves some benefit of the doubt here.


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Jul 8, 2001
And if you're ever going to find out if Hill can be a standalone backup or even a post-Brees QB then he needs a shot. A home game against a mediocre ATL team and bad ATL D seems like as good an opportunity as any.

Do agree it is surprising and the intel should be available for a guy who's been around as long as HIll. Last game there was color commentary how he is split between all the meetings (QB, RB, special teams and maybe even TE).


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May 31, 2007
If anyone is in Fan Duel pools like me, Hill currently qualifies as a TE at a very cheap rate ($4,500).