2020 MLB Draft to be 5 Rounds


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Sep 19, 2005
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I am skeptical and ethically uneasy with the max payments for undrafted players. I know it's to stop young players from letting it be known they're unsignable so they slide out of the draft and can then sign 10 billion contracts with the team of their choice, but it seems really arbitrary and short and I'm intrigued as to why the MLBPA may have agreed to it.

jon abbey

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Jul 15, 2005
The MLPBA stupidly and short-sightedly never gives a shit about minor leaguers or draftees or international players or anyone but the current 750 or so big leaguers.

This is why Ohtani made maybe $150 or $200M less than he would have commanded as a genuine free agent, if he had hit the market under the previous CBA, 1-2 years sooner, before the MLPBA caved on that in the last CBA. I think the MLBPA oddly believes that the less money owners have to allot everywhere else, the more they will spend on major league salaries but I think we all know that is almost never the case.

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Well said, JA.

Could this blow up in their faces? It would serve them right.
How do you offer more money to entice a player still out there after 5 rounds to sign with you? You can't give him a bonus beyond $20,000. Do you offer him a bigger salary to play in the minors? And does this result in minor league salaries rising overall?