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Aug 3, 2010
And Boston College has slipped in recent years. They haven’t made a Frozen Four since 2016.
His final years were better than most coaches of the same age/reputation (certainly Coach K was an exception to that). 4th ranked in 2019-20; 6th in 2020-21.

This year, however, a dud and at some point I'm sure other schools were using his age as a recruiting tool. All in all, a good time to leave. Hello, Jim Boeheim!


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May 30, 2005
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I'm going by how thoroughly MSU had shut Denver down through two periods and how many good chances they had during that interval.

Maybe that wasn't representative, but it seemed to track with how they had played against Minnesota and previously in the tournament.

All of that having been said, on this night, Denver was able to keep MSU from turning their chances into goals, capitalized on their chances in the third, and MSU never even sniffed a comeback.
I know I'm late to this party but haven't been on SoSH much over the past week or so. I watched this final and found myself rooting for Minnesota State. Maybe it was because their goalie was the Hobey Baker winner, assuming I read the crawl correctly.

I completely agree with your shutdown comment. But while Denver may have been better than they showed in the first two periods, I thought MSU seriously coughed it up in the third. They looked like they preferred to sit on a one goal lead and they looked tired. On the other hand Denver looked charged up and highly motivated. They out-skated MSU for the entire third period.

It reminded me of a Herb Brooks line from the Miracle movie. "You may not be the best hockey team in Lake Placid but you will be the best conditioned," which of course later proved true in the Russian game.

Doubtless Denver was the better conditioned team in this match up.

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Jul 13, 2005
After reading the article.

There is nothing wrong with how this played out. Absolutely nothing.

Actually, the suspension should have been 4 months instead of 6.
I don’t buy the defense. Too easy to plan the defense in advance, then simply take the drug…

That said, I am interested to hear the “inside baseball” on this. I have friends whose son played against this guy in the Frozen Four and are likely to have strong opinions…I am interested to hear what they have to say.
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Oct 31, 2013
Jay Pandolfo, pride of Burlington MA, has been named new head coach at BU (Pandolfo is class of 1996).

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Jul 14, 2005
Leaving in a bit to the studio :)
Jay Pandolfo, pride of Burlington MA, has been named new head coach at BU (Pandolfo is class of 1996).
Scary thought w/r/t Class of '96: when I was at BU in the 80s, we'd sometimes play in the varsity coaches/athletic dept. pickup basketball games. Jackie Parker, with his head full of white hair, seemed so old to us.

[narrator] He was just hitting 40 [/narrator]