20190718 - TOR

The Gray Eagle

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Aug 1, 2001
Can't believe we FINALLY hit a routine sac fly with a man on third and one out, and are still too dumb to score on it.


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Jun 26, 2006
its like a carpenter saying I'm sorry you're wall fell down but I forgot to buy nails


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Mar 15, 2004
Bellinger, Tatis Jr, Yelich (but not as much control there), maybe Acuña, maybe Juan Soto.

That’s probably the end of the list for me. Which is crazy to think about.
My list was VERY similar to yours...only other one I had was a maybe on Chapman (love his D)

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Nov 8, 2002
Seattle, WA
For those of us on gameday, what exactly did vaz do?
Ball hit deep to right. Vazquez started down the line when he could have scored on a hit by crawling on his hands and knees to home. Instead he had to go back and tag up, which prevented him turning it into a sacrifice fly and a run.