20190717 - TOR


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Jul 15, 2005
Pioneer Valley
Hey, they are playing!

I checked before and it was a rain delay, and I saw the game thread was very short and figured they were still delayed.

After we inevitably fall behind, I will go away again to help the karma.
You missed a couple of pretty homers, one by Raffy and one by Hernandez,a very nice put out by the arm of JBJ to nail Galvis at second.


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Aug 15, 2012
Westwood MA
What a monumental pain in the ass this guy is, 11 home runs this year and it feels like 10 of them came vs the Red Sox.

He's the 2019 version of Don Money.


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Jun 15, 2006
Place your bets. Does Rodriguez make it through 7 innings? Or should the bet be whether he makes into the seventh inning?

Rovin Romine

Johnny Rico
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Jul 14, 2005
Miami (oh, Miami!)
So I know that Vlad Jr. was great in the minors, and he's absurdly young and has tons of talent.

But he's really not had a huge impact thusfar in actual MLB game play. So it's a little weird to hear everyone praise him so. I mean, he'll probably be excellent not too long from now, but. . .