2019 Syracuse Football


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Dec 6, 2003
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It's early for this but I am pretty juiced up. I bought season tickets even though I live in NJ (hoping to get to at least 3 games including Clemson and BC) and they are working overtime to push sales for Clemson towards what will likely be the closest thing to a sellout since the late 90s.

Expectations are high off a 10-3 season, but it remains to be seen how the offense responds post-Dungey. The first 2 games on the road at Liberty and Maryland will speak volumes. They have no excuse not to beat Liberty. And if they are able to win at Maryland, not a great team but not a creampuff, it will position them nicely for that Clemson home opener.


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Aug 3, 2010
You can really screw up uniforms with bad numbers and Syracuse has nicely rectified that problem.

Another one that should do something like that is BC...suffer from what seems to be an Under Armor problem which is making the font size too small.