2019 Golf Thread


Aug 28, 2006
The Slums of Shaolin
I’m playing today. Likely my last round of the year. Wife is scheduled to give birth tomorrow. She said that she’s okay with me playing today but it has to be at a course close to the house.

I told her fine, and obviously I’ll keep my phone on and leave as soon as she calls if she goes into labor.
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Comfortably Lomb

Koko the Monkey
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Feb 22, 2004
Ralph's Diner
Speaking of distances I wish there was some sort of calculator that could give you the expected yardages for all your clubs based on info from some of them. I'm really only confident in 7 and 8, and I estimate from there. IMO launch monitors exagerrate distance and range balls understate them.
I like to use SkyCaddy. There’s a button to track individual shot yardage that’s handy for checking carry on flat lie, low wind type shots.

Agree on the launch monitors. They always seem at least a little bit optimistic.


Drive Carefully
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Apr 12, 2005
I'm the one that took the 5 year layoff. Did Zomp take one too?

Anyway, I'm officially back. Played 6 rounds in the last 8 days. Nothing to write home about, but the swing is coming back, and the putter has been great. Almost made my 3rd ace on Saturday. Par 3, uphill, into the wind, 190, playing about 215-220, and I hit 3-wood, flush. Pin was in front, one bounce on the green, rolled up, hit the flag, and stopped 3 inches away. I'm convinced if the flag isn't leaning towards the tee box, it goes down (the green slopes hard from back to front).

I'm heading to Austin, TX on 11/1 for 4 days on a golf trip. We're already set up to play Austin CC, and may make the trip to TPC San Antonio. Anyone else played that area, recommend any courses or know anyone our pros can call?

Plantiers Wart

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Oct 16, 2002
west hartford
4 iron. 190

PW is 48

3 wedges sit at 53, 56 and 60 -

Got the 60 as a gift at New Haven CC tournament. Switching it on and off with my old 58 until I truly get s feel for it.

The Needler

Dec 7, 2016
Also anyone hit for Ryder Cup tickets last week? Got the email that I won the lottery and will be able to purchase next week.

Plan is to go out on Thursday -
Thursday - Play the U (UW home course - I love it)
Friday - Ryder Cup/Sand Valley
Saturday - hoping for a badgers home game
Sunday - Ryder Cup/Sand Valley

Will do one of either Friday/Sunday at Sand Valley or at the Ryder Cup

I will be stationed in Madison with my cousin so 2 hour drive but should be a great long weekend.
Also going out. Attending Ryder Cup on Saturday, and playing four rounds (2x Mammoth Dunes, Sand Valley, Sandbox) on Thursday/Friday. Can’t wait.


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Jul 31, 2006
Arvada, Co
I've got a ton of "small world" type stories, but this one happened today and involves golf so I thought I'd share. I went out as a single and got paired up with another single and a twosome. Introductions on the first tee go as normal except one of the twosome recognizes me and it turns out we had played together at the same course last year. Not that odd really. But, about 4 holes later, the other single recognizes the other guy in the group as some he'd played with at a different course last year. That's pretty strange I think. Now, as the round progresses and we're talking about where we play around the area I ask the other single if he's ever played a private course in his parents home town and he says he has. His college roommate's parents are members so he's played there a few times. On the 16th hole I tell a story about messing with my former boss (and good friend still) by throwing a golf ball at his while he was mid tee shot and him hitting them both in a single swing. On the 18th he hands me his card and I see he's in a similar business to me so I start asking more details about his business. As it turns out, he now works for one of my former coworkers so we know a bunch of the same people. One of the people he knows well is my former boss, the one from the 16th hole story, who also happens to be the father of his former roommate (whom I've also played golf with) from the private golf course. As a bonus, he also got to witness me shooting an easy 70 so he can make sure to talk up how good I am to my former boss and his son.