2019 from this point on


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Mar 14, 2006
Kernersville, NC
Never really doubted we would not grab a WC spot. Now it looks like thats not happening. Of course, still some baseball to play, but its not looking good.

If it doesn't happen its on the pitching. DD and ownership get some blame (not much) and if managers get credit for winning they have to get blamed for not winning too. Cora was too complacent.

That said, we won last year, so i just cant get too broken up about not winning this year. Rest up for 2020 if we sit out for October.

Might not be around for 2020 with stage 4 RCC, but the last 20 + years have been a good ride. Frankly 67-86 weren't too bad either. My uncle passed away with lung cancer in august 2003 after 50 -60 years of hoping to see them win, so I cant complain much. I did stray a bit after 2011, as I never really forgave them for dumping Tito, but thats water over the dam. Its still good today, a fun offense, so enjoy what you can and then its Bruins and Pats (maybe Celts)
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