2019 Eagles: Wentz's Back

Oil Can Dan

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Jul 31, 2003
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Nick Foles will have left the building so it's all on Wentz now. His 2018 season ended prematurely with back issues. Will he revert to his 2017 MVP level? I suspect that his lost offseason between 2017 and 2018 had a bigger impact than most account for, and so I think he will. But there are a fair amount of questions to be answered first:

Eagles offensive line - will Jason Peters be back? He's carrying a $10.5M cap number, which puts him around 10th for OT's. The Eagles don't have a replacement on the roster though, so I think he is. Will Jason Kelce return or retire? Odds say he's back, but it's not a definite. Regardless of those two they'll need to add some talent to this unit.

Offensive skill postions - what will the Eagles add at WR? Alshon Jeffery is there and so is Agholor, but they'll need to add a veteren WR. How about RB? Lots of clamoring for an impact RB. LeVon Bell would look great in green and will be an unrestricted FA.

Defensively they need to decide on whether or not they can afford to bring Brandon Graham back, as well as Chris Long. They're going to cut or restructure Jernigan too. It's supposed to be a very strong draft at DL and I'd be surprised if they don't spend their 1st or one of their two 2nd's here. MLB Jordan Hicks is a free agent, and while he flashes on the field he spends a lot of time off of it. He wants to come back and the Eagles seem to want him back, but the market will be tested first. I don't know what to think about the Eagles secondary. At CB they have a lot of young players that they like for good reason, but there's not really a shutdown type CB there.

All in all it's going to be a very interesting offseason for the Eagles. Anything they do will have to be considered with the idea that they're going to need to drop a huge extension on Wentz soon.