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Mar 5, 2004
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I hope everyone in this thread that screamed "The texts were not threatening!!!!" reads that letter. The woman felt threatened and feels like she is in danger. That should be enough to get him the fuck off the team.
That is a slippery slope. I can't subscribe to feeling are enough. I am sick of cops shooting people because they "felt" their life was in danger. Thee needs to be evidence. person could feel threatened becaue they are racist and fear black people, or because of a past expereince wiht a third party.

But there is evidence here.
Looking at the texts, my take is he is trying to intimidate her by saying he will check her out, and letting her in on the texts. So there is evidence that he is trying to intimidate her.

He did this while in New England. This shows a colossal lack of judgement and he should go.


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Feb 19, 2002
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Agreed. I have no idea what happened with the trainer so I was not calling for him to be cut just based on that. but they have freaking texts of him trying to intimidate a woman who never did anything but tell how he made her uncomfortable when she painted a mural for him. Even that incident didn't make me think they should cut him-yes it was gross of him to do that but he didn't hold her against her will, he was probably seeing if she seemed interested and when she wasn't that was that. But texting that shit to her??? He's a scumbag who needs to be gone from this team.
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Hideous news in my book. Pats just got a little worse. I get that AB brought it on himself with those texts.


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Nov 4, 2007
Yes. The complaint actually says that he ejaculated on her without her knowledge when she was watching a church video which is illegal and immoral (and also totally gross) but not rape under most definitions (generally you need genital or anal contact of some kind). Also the use of force isn't a requirement for rape (drugs, someone's passed out, even mistaken identity count). Also I don't think there's ever any kind of imputed obligation for the woman to flee.
In some jurisdictions that carry over the use of force requirement, force is found in the act of unwanted penetration itself.
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