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Dorito Dink
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Dec 16, 2010
Not just kind of, complete bull shit. The only thing that might have made sense is to let him walk out to the plate, and then make the substitution like you sometimes see with pitchers, so that he can get a standing ovation.
He said Snitker knew and he was the reason he came back to play this season. I don't think Snitker was being an a-hole, I'm sure everything was copacetic.

McCann came out in the ninth inning of Game 5 and shared a moment with manager Brian Snitker, who knew the backstop growing up in the organization and was aware of his looming retirement.

“I’ve known Snit for a long, long time,” McCann said. “He was my Double-A manager. To get a chance to do this with him, this is something I’ll always remember.”


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Aug 1, 2006
Padres pitcher, Jacob Nix, was drunk and tried to enter a house that wasn't his, through a doggy door., got himself tased and kicked
He thought it was his house and he normally goes through the front door and knows he doesn't have a doggy door on his property, but to his drunk-ass mind, it seemed appropriate

If you remember, Nix was the one that got fucked by the Astros after Brady Aiken didn't sign in 2014

This is why you don't get blackout drunk kids.
Also with him was Minor League pitcher, Tom Cosgrove