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Jul 19, 2005
Wait, what? What has she ever done to qualify for a FO position? And how can she still announce games while employed by a team?
I can’t speak to the former, but the latter has been going on for a while - A-Rod and David Ortiz have similar titles with the Yankees and Red Sox, and I remember Joe Morgan having a role like that with the Reds back when he was on ESPN, too.

Now, as P91 said, the title of “special assistant” is nebulous; a lot of the ex-players with that gig are more like goodwill ambassadors and/or people who show up in ST or whatever to talk to/ work with the younger players. I have no idea what the Mets’ plans are (a sentence that is often accurate); maybe it’s something like that.

The conflict-of-interest thing seems a bit overblown also; she’s not going to schoolyard taunt the Braves during a broadcast or anything. I’m not sure total objectivity in the booth is possible or desirable, even on a national broadcast, but that’s a discussion for a different day. If she were an OTL reporter, that would be different.

(EDIT: also, the post below mine.)

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Jul 30, 2001
Also--who cares? The Mets interviewed her/ know her and feel like she can help their team. She will succeed or fail. What's the issue?
It is the Mets so she’s likely doomed to fail, but so is anyone else walking into that mess no matter the gender.