2014 PGA Tour


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Nov 15, 2006
Or, Horschel and Furyk will be the only guys on the course who don't fall apart, and the Cup will be wrapped up by the 16th hole.

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Sep 24, 2007
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Freddy Linn said:
Must read article on the reclusive Anthony Kim.
I wonder if that article - and I agree, it's a great read - will force Kim's hand?
I say this because if I'm making decisions at the insurance carrier that is on the hook for the massive disability coverage on Kim, and I read this:
No IMG staffer would comment for this story, but the party line is that Kim is still injured and expected to return to the Tour someday. This is refuted by a close friend of Kim's in Dallas who watched him hit balls recently. (Kim declined numerous interview requests from SI, and his comrade would speak only anonymously, saying, "He'd be f------ livid if he knew I was talking to you.") "AK's not injured," says the friend. "He can play, he can walk. His swing looks good, the strike sounds solid, his ball flight is good. His physical health is not the issue."
Well ... there's just no way I'm going to pay an 8-figure claim from Anthony Kim without litigating the matter to death.


Dec 10, 2007
Oh sure. Motherfucker can knock skeet out of the air but can't hit the goddamn green this year.