2013 SoSH Awards: Your Nominations


I Want to Hit the World with Rocket Punch
Jun 27, 2006
A Scud Away from Hell
Alright -- let the nomination process start for the following SoSH Awards:
  • Most Valuable Player & runner-up
  • Coach of the Year & runner-up
  • Offensive Player of the Year & runner-up
  • Defensive Player of the Year & runner-up
  • Offensive Rookie of the Year & runner-up
  • Defensive Rookie of the Year & runner-up
  • Comeback Player of the Year & runner-up
  • Goat of the Year & runner-up
And separately, for the Pats:
  • MVP
  • Offensive PoY
  • Defensive PoY
  • Rookie of the Year
  • 12th Man of the Year (biggest contribution from least likely source)
Here I go with mine (runner-up in parenthesis):
  • MVP: TB (Peyton Manning) Peyton has the numbers, but Brady has done with less 
  • CoY: BB (Bruce Arians) BB has 10 out of top 14 players out for game 17, 6 on IR - still has shot at #1 seed
  • OPoY: Jamaal Charles (LeSean McCoy) Charles is simply a beast on wheels - total package
  • DPoY: Robert Quinn (Luke Kuechly) Yup, one of many who wished he'd fall early on. Didn't get past #14
  • ORoY: Keenan Allen (Giovani Bernard) can outcompete for the ball against any corner
  • DRoY: Kiko Alonso (Sheldon Richardson) two DRoY candidates in the same division as Pats
  • CBPoY: Alex Smith (Brent Grimes) steady play all year long
  • GotY: Jim Schwartz (entire referee crew) punts the division, a playoff spot, and the entire fandom of Detroit in just 4 weeks
Pats winners:
  • MVP: TB (Ghost) TB struggled early, but playing best ball at the right time
  • OPoY: Edelman (Mankins) Edelman's amazing season continues, perhaps the best bargain in all of NFL. Mankins deserves special honors for holding the line together and kicking out to the LT without missing a beat
  • DPoY: Jones (McCourty) Jones makes the proverbial 2nd year jump - has not hit the wall like his rookie year
  • RoY: Logan Ryan (Ryan Allen) the 2 Ryans have a bright future ahead
  • 12thMoY: Edelman (LGBT) Edelman is the easy winner, but LGBT was a good bet to not even make the roster 

Morgan's Magic Snowplow

SoSH Member
Jul 2, 2006
MVP: Peyton
CoY: Kelly
OPoY: Rivers (assuming convention that MVP can't be OPoY)
DPoY: Watt
CPoY: Revis
GoY: Shanahan/RGIII/Snyder co-winners

I love all SSF's picks for the Pats' winners.


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Jul 19, 2005
deep inside Guido territory
MVP: Manning(LeSean McCoy)
COY: Belichick(Andy Reid and Mike McCoy--tie)
OPOY: Jamaal Charles(LeSean McCoy)
DPOY: Luke Kuechly(Robert Quinn)
CPOY: Edelman(Revis)
Goat: Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin (tie)/Shanahan/RGIII/Snyder(runner up)
MVP: Brady(Edelman)--with so many new parts and changing personnel each week, the constant is Brady
OPOY: Edelman(Brady)--Edelman has made Welker an afterthought.  Needs 5 catches to go over 100 for the year.
DPOY: Chandler Jones(Ninkovich)--Chandler has been a dude.  The sky is the limit.
ROY: Logan Ryan(Dobson)--has added much needed depth to the secondary.  Best ball skills of the entire unit.
12thMan: Ryan Allen--for somebody replacing a favorite in Mesko he's done a masterful job(Blount)


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Mar 31, 2013
MVP-Peyton Manning (Jamaal Charles)-Love to give this to someone else, but I can't seem to find a viable #2 who can rival Manning.
OPOY-Jamaal Charles (Nick Foles)- They know its coming but still can't stop it. Outrageous season running and catching.
DPOY- Robert Mathis (Luke Kuechly/Robert Quinn)- Toss up between Mathis and Quinn, but Quinn has more support on his line.
OROY- Eddie Lacy (Keenan Allen)- Finally gave GB a solid running game, should be a beast for the next 5+ years barring injury.
DTOY- Star Lotulelei (Kiko Alonso)- Him and Kuechly might be the best DT/ILB combo in the NFL.
COY- Bill Belichick (Bruce Arians)- Sick of hearing about guys who took already talented teams to winning records.
Goat- Mike Shanahan (Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin)- Hilarious season all around for Shanahan.
MVP-Tom Brady (Chandler Jones)-Excellent against adversity, as always.
OPOY- Logan Mankins (Julian Edelman)-Another great year from the All-Pro.
DPOY- Chandler Jones (Devin McCourty/Rob Ninkovich)- Put together the tools he flashed last season into a stud pass-rusher.
ROY- Logan Ryan (Kenbrell Thompkins)- Gave us much needed depth in the secondary.
12th Man- Stephen Gostkowski (Logan Ryan)- Went above and beyond the normal expectations for a kicker.