11-24-21: The Nets are gonna learn what the Celtics are capable of doing...


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Dec 7, 2004
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Okay, we finally got that complete-game beatdown we all know the Celtics are capable of delivering (even if it came at the expense of the Rockets). Now, the Eastern-Conference-leading Nets are coming to town and the Celtics need to keep the streak rolling. Lots of reasons why:

1. He's not playing, but Kyrie is still associated with this team
2. They are complete carpetbaggers, trying to pretend they are a New York team, a title that only belongs to the Knicks
3. We owe them from the playoffs last year
4. We don't want to go back to being 1 game over .500, we want to be 3 games over .500.

So hopefully Tatum can show Durant what he learned at the Olympics and the streak can extend to 4.

Ale Xander

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Oct 31, 2013
Are Beard and KD playing?

CrazyFlatEarth injured or is it a vaccine issue?

Cesar Crespo

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Dec 22, 2002
I wonder if Irving changes his mind if the Nets are cruising along to a one seed. At what point is he no longer allowed on the playoff roster? good time to change his mind.


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Oct 31, 2005
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Also really cannot stand Doris anymore. She’s atrocious. She has gone so far down the ESPN shill road it’s gross.
Tis a sad thing


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Sep 29, 2000
Pretty good ball movement. Not unhappy with how they're playing.


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Aug 1, 2006
I'm fascinated who the 8th man is gonna be. We're usually 9 deep, but 2 out and Jaylen on a minutes limit means we're going 10 or 11 deep.

Edit- it's Kanter.