11/09 - The Jets? Come on....

Average Game James

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Apr 28, 2016
So AFC East QBs currently better than Cam... Allen, Tua, Fitz, Darnold, Flacco. Am I missing anyone?

Brohamer of the Gods

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Jul 14, 2005
Warwick, RI
As soon as he hit the first pass, I knew a Flacco was coming and then a score. I mean, you can't even be mad anymore. Some artists work in paint, some in marble. Joe Flacco works in defensive pass interference.


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Jul 16, 2005
Santa Monica, CA
Newton checking down on every play has to be intentional, right? Like that's how they dumbed things down for him?

You cannot win a football game like this.


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Sep 4, 2006
can we get a few games of Stidham ? Just need proof that he's not the answer, so we can do a complete QB purge going into next year


Blinded by Borges
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Oct 7, 2004
You just can't win with this Cam Newton. He's immediately going to the 4th option on every play.
Not sure I’ve seen too many MVP caliber QBs absolutely lose it like Cam has. No confidence, horrible mechanics, consistently bailing on his first or second reads. It’s losing football and works if you are tanking. If not, no idea what BB sees in the guy...really gotta question what Belichick is doing.


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Sep 7, 2005
Would love to know what happened in the locker room after that KC game. I know injuries are a factor, but their play has fallen off a cliff on both sides of the ball

Steve Dillard

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Oct 7, 2003
For all the Cam hate, the defense has 8 of 11 holes they need to fill next year.


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Apr 17, 2003
Actually, that was the right time for Gunner to run it out. Who knows, maybe he'll break off a 65-yarder and they could kick an FG. Well, not Gunner exactly, but a good returner.


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Apr 16, 2006
Chicago, IL
I mean the Patriots are in the process of making a substantial adverse impact on the odds of the Jets getting the #1 overall pick. You don’t need to be playing 4D chess to see the bigger picture through the more immediate frustration.

Van Everyman

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Apr 30, 2009
There will never be a game played by Joe Flacco that doesn’t have a DPI call of 35+ yards that completely changes the context of the game.

Ale Xander

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Oct 31, 2013
Can they please release Gunner. So sick of taking out kickoffs from 5 yards in the endzone to the 16

Pablo's TB Lover

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Sep 10, 2017
What a loser, that Joe Cardona (/Trump). Sorry couldn't resist kicking a man on his way out.

Harry Hooper

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Jan 4, 2002
There will never be a game played by Joe Flacco that doesn’t have a DPI call of 35+ yards that completely changes the context of the game.
That wasn't a Flacco special, just garden-variety PI committed by JMC.