10/20 - ALCS Game 5 - Valdez vs. Sale Redux

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It should have been at worst a man on 3rd and 2 out with Alvarez coming up, at best they may have been out of the inning on the 2 infield grounders. That makes it much easier to walk Alvarez, or if Sale still faces him and gives up a hit the inning ends at 2-0 after Brasier comes in and strikes out Correa.

Instead because of a bunch of largely soft contact and bad defense after the walk the inning ended 6-0 and the game was effectively over.
Look, it's not worth arguing, because I don't really give a shit. But the walk happened. So the bad defense was exacerbated by the fact that there was a man on first with no out. Schwarber was looking at the runner. Did the walk lead to the loss? It's impossible to say. But they would have been better off without it, and that's pretty much all that I meant when I said that a lead off walk can make a managerial decision look bad.