1/5 - Bruins at Kings


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Nov 15, 2006
306, row 14
Frederic is 14th among NHL forwards with 200+ minutes of 5x5 ice time in goals per 60 at 1.46. David Pastrnak is 13th at 1.49. Frederic is 25th among forwards in points per 60. He's basically been producing as a top line player this season. Interestingly enough, his ice time is lower than it was under Cassidy.


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Nov 28, 2005
Was a fun game to be at last night. 70 year old guy sitting in front of us immediately turned around when we got there and asked “where you from? I’m from Lexington!” which kicked off the evening nicely as he then told me about his whole life, playing hockey against my town, etc.

The Marchy penalty got them fired up which was good to see. Swayman was shaky as shit to me. Crowd was great and seemed 50% Boston. Fun game. Nice win.